MyCarrierTMS Pro FAQs

What Are the MyCarrier TMS Pro Subscription Options?  

We offer three different package offerings for MyCarrier TMS Pro (Startup, Growth and Enterprise) that you can pay for on an annual or monthly basis. All packages allow unlimited users access to MyCarrier TMS Pro features. 

How Can I Pay for MyCarrier TMS Pro Subscription? 

You will be sent a unique link to add your credit card information to your account at the end of your trial or before if you choose to pay early. MyCarrier will be offering promotional discounts for our valued customers who choose to pay early or select the annual payment option. 

When Will I Be Charged for My Subscription? 

Once your 28-day trial period ends, your card will automatically be charged for your selected subscription, based on the package and billing frequency you chose. 

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept? 

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards 

Will I Get a Discount if I Pay Annually? 


What Do I Get with MyCarrier TMS Pro? 

MyCarrierTMS Pro augments our basic package with key capabilities needed by shippers, adding cross-departmental capabilities, such as internal operations needs, invoice audit, and ERP integration. It also provides support for multiple locations and non-partner carrier automation. 

Do I Have to Purchase a MyCarrier TMS Pro Subscription? 

While most customers choose to benefit from the value and utility offered in MyCarrierTMS Pro packages, you do not have to purchase. You can continue to use MyCarrierTMS with our partner carrier network.   

Can You Tell Me More About Features and Capabilities Included in MyCarrier TMS Pro? 

  • Less Than Truckload Booking Workflow – Get direct access to your LTL carriers for instant quoting, booking, dispatching, and tracking. Shipping documents are auto generated and shared with your carriers.  
  • Full Truckload Booking Workflow – Get direct access to your FTL carriers for instant quoting, booking, and dispatching. Shipping documents are auto generated and shared with your carriers.   
  • Unlimited Users – Add unlimited users within your organization for enhanced collaboration.  
  • Data Retention – Get visibility to all your past quotes and shipment information.    
  • Reporting – View, share, or download comprehensive shipment and carrier reports.  
  • Dedicated Chat and Support – Get answers to your questions and receive support via Chat with our Live Support Team. 
  • Quick BOL – Quickly generate a Bill of Lading for any shipment, even outside of our platform.  
  • Non-Partner Carrier Integration Support – Quote and ship with your chosen carriers, even if they are not partnered with us.  
  • eBOL – Share early, accurate information with your carriers with an electronic version of your Bill of Lading, preferred by most carriers.
  • Shipment Visibility – Track your shipments on a live calendar and retrieve your shipping documents for all carriers.  
  • Unlimited Locations – Add as many locations as you’d like to your account.  
  • Advanced Configurations – Get next level configurations for your account to meet your individual shipping needs.   
  • QuickShip – Quickly upload multiple shipments from a single CSV file for faster booking.  
  • VICS BOL (coming soon) – Support for the VICS Standard Bill of Lading typically required to ship to large retailers.  
  • Invoice Automation Workflow (coming soon) – Allows customers that have invoices data source in a location outside of the platform to start utilizing our system. This will automate the flow of approving invoices based on the information that was provided in the quote. 
  • Outbound Collect (coming soon) – With collect freight, freight payments are made by the consignee, allowing you to schedule freight on your customer’s account 
  • Social Login (coming soon) – Support for single sign-on (SSO), using previously established social login credentials such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and others which provides users with a quick and easy login experience. 
  • ERP Integrations – Integrate your ERP with the platform to automate your workflow, eliminate errors, and improve customer service.  
  • SAML2.0 User Authentication (coming soon) – Support for web-based, cross-domain single sign-on (SSO), which reduces the administrative overhead of distributing multiple authentication tokens to the user and provides a seamless sign on experience. 

The MyCarrier TMS Solution Was Free Previously. What Changed? 

In fact, we still offer the carrier sponsored MyCarrierTMS platform free of charge to you. 

MyCarrierTMS will continue to provide the value you have come to rely on, and help you streamline and optimize your shipping processes. 

However, due to overwhelming market demand and customer needs, we have introduced a new additional offering; the MyCarrierTMS Pro platform. 

MyCarrier TMS Pro delivers new capabilities and features designed to unify all departments involved in shipping – shipping/logistics, finance/accounting, and customer service/support, and to expand current shipping workflow functionality. 

Still Have Questions? 

Email or utilize the Chat feature within the platform. 

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